ALEP Conference – Take Notice

Today is the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners Autumn Conference and I will be leaving the office in about an hour to make my way down.  Just what nuggets of gold can I expect to uncover in this afternoon’s “Take Notice” session?

Well, the conference will be dealing with the top ten most important aspects of notice preparation and service:

1. Building Qualification

2. Instructing the surveyor

3. Apportioning value

4. Appurtenant land and how to deal with it

5. Additional property and how to deal with it

6. Intermediate landlord’s and their interests

7. Plans and preparation

8. Reservation of grants of rights

9. Serving the right parties

10. Serving the notice in the right way

Now, most of the above would seem to be fairly common sense.  However, you would be surprised atthe sheer number of invalid or inaccurate notices that I receive for lease extensions or collective enfranchisements.  Easy things like omitting the plan or signature on behalf of the tenants commonly crop up from inexperienced practitioners.  These mistakes prejudice the tenant’s negotiating position and place an additional adverse cost burden upon them.  I look forward to hearing some more about them this afternoon!

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