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Am I liable for service charge arrears which predate my purchase?

As seen on http://www.leaseholdlife.info : This is an age old question that comes up regularly in the months after a leasehold purchase when managing agents/landlord’s chase arrears, complete the annual service charge accounts and issue deficit invoices. Helpfully, like many legal … Continue reading

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Dispatches: Landlords from Hell

I watched Jon Snow’s Dispatches investigation on Monday night into rougue private landlords and was surprised to see the extent of the malpractice that was uncovered (http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dispatches/episode-guide/series-96/episode-1). He touched on many of the legal issues but I felt that the … Continue reading

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Housing benefit cuts to impact upon private rental market

Earlier this year I blogged about reports of rising rent arrears in the private lettings sector and increasing residential rents.  From yesterday, cuts to Housing Benefit came into force which is very likely to affect a significant proportion of private … Continue reading

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The RICS report that residential rents are on the rise

RICS Residential Lettings Survey for November 2010 – January 2011 (http://www.rics.org/site/scripts/press_article.aspx?pressReleaseID=434) reports that rents for private residential lettings are on the increase.  In fact, they are showing the strongest upward pressure since the survey began. This can only be positive news for … Continue reading

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Ineffective CCJ’s?

Those of you who were listening to BBC Radio 5 Live on Friday morning would have heard Claire Sandbrook of Shergroup (http://www.shergroup.net) quoting various statistics regarding the effectiveness of County Court Judgments and revealing that historically only around 30% of County … Continue reading

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